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Nvidia to give away free trip to BlizzCon
Nvidia to give away free trip to BlizzConBlizzCon is totally sold out but the folks at PC graphics chip maker Nvidia are giving two lucky folks a way to get in the upcoming Blizzard game event on August 21-22. If you buy one of several listed Nvidia GeForce-based graphics cards between now and August 1, you can head to the NZone web site and enter the promo code info to be entered into the contest. One winner will be selected to win a trip to BlizzCon with a friend (there is a way to enter the contest via snail mail without having to purchase a GeForce card.

Also if you are one of the three people on Earth without a World of Warcraft account, the contest promo code will also allow people to download a free copy of Blizzard's hit MMO (minus the expansion packs) with 30 days of free gametime.
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