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GameSpy co-founder departs to work for World of Warcraft
GameSpy co-founder departs to work for World of WarcraftGameSpy was one of the first major gaming news web sites established in the early days of the Internet boom and now one of its co-founders has announced he is leaving the site after over 10 years on the job. Dave "Fargo" Kosak, who has held many a title on the site, announced this weekend he is leaving GameSpy. He announced he is heading to Blizzard Entertainment where he will help create content for their MMO World of Warcraft.

"Fargo" actually has been working as a journalist even before the formal forming of GameSpy. In 1996 he co-founded PlanetQuake (along with Mark Surfas who left GameSpy several years ago), a major site for news and downloads about id Software's first person shooter. "Fargo" has worked in a number of positions at GameSpy and has written a weekly humor-opinion column, PlanetFargo, since 1999. It should be interesting to see how GameSpy as a site evolves without the person who has been involved with it the whole time.
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