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The Daily Grind: Are you a raider?

One of the things that people love about MMOs is that there is often a lot of choice as to how they spend their time in-game. Some like to PvP, some like leveling a whole platoon of alt characters and others enjoy crafting. Then there is raiding. For some folks, an MMO just isn't complete without a fulfilling raiding experience built in, with the promise of some of the best shinies in the game to reward them for their effort.

The raiding game isn't for everyone though. Though this isn't always the case, raiding often requires quite a lot of commitment to a game (and probably a guild too); having to be online and available at a certain period of time for a minimum number of hours is just too much for a game to ask for many people. But for the devoted raiders, the fun and rewards that are had when finally beating a hellishly difficult encounter are worth the extra effort. So we ask you readers, are you a regular raider? Hardcore, or keeping it more casual? Is raiding content one of the first things you look into when searching for a new game to play?
Новость на русском: http://khazad.ucoz.ru/news/2009-07-29-12
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