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Life imitates art and then imitates life again. That's the lesson for the makers of the Mana Energy Potion, a real energy drink that comes in a small spherical bottle that is supposed to look like similar health boosting items found in RPG and MMO games.
General articles | Просмотров: 742 | Author: Posted Jul 1st 2009 John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (0)

BlizzCon is totally sold out but the folks at PC graphics chip maker Nvidia are giving two lucky folks a way to get in the upcoming Blizzard game event on August 21-22. If you buy one of several listed Nvidia GeForce-based graphics cards between now and August 1, you can head to the NZone web site and enter the promo code info to be entered into the contest.
General articles | Просмотров: 811 | Author: Posted Jul 7th 2009 John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (0)

You may remember a few months ago that Popcap Games released a free add-on to World of Warcraft, allowing folks who play Blizzard's best selling MMO to play their casual game Peggle while still inside World of Warcraft (there's also another free add-on that let;s you do the same thing with Bejeweled). Well, in an unexpected move, Popcap has now released a stand alone free World of Warcraft version of Peggle.
World of Warcraft | Просмотров: 802 | Author: Posted Jul 8th 2009 John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (1)

Last month, it was announced that Chinese gamers would have to do without playing Blizzard's hit MMO World of Warcraft for a few weeks as the game transitioned between its old China-based operator The9 and its new operator NetEase. Now it has been revealed that the transition is taking longer than planned
World of Warcraft | Просмотров: 769 | Author: Posted Jul 8th 2009 John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (0)

World of Warcraft is arguably the most popular MMO of all time. Dozens of other MMOs try to emulate it in the hopes of capturing its essence, but mere mimicry isn't the key to success. Others attempt to do just the opposite of what WoW does, trying to fill an ignored niche for players, and have some moderate success. Boasting a player base well into ten million plus and showing no sign of stopping, Blizzard has developed a monster.
World of Warcraft | Просмотров: 861 | Author: Posted Jul 8th 2009 Akela Talamasca | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (3)

The totally sold out 2009 edition of BlizzCon 2009 can still be yours to attend if you happen to be the lucky winner of some contests. We've already told you about Nvidia's BlizzCon giveaway and now the PC gaming mice and keyboard maker SteelSeries is the main sponsor of yet another similar contest.
General articles | Просмотров: 990 | Author: Posted Jul 10th 2009 John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (1)

Finding tickets for BlizzCon 2009 to buy is near impossible at this point but there are some contests where you might get a chance to win a trip to Blizzard's sort-of annual game event. We've already told you about two of them; one is sponsored by Nvidia while the other is sponsored by SteelSeries.
General articles | Просмотров: 810 | Author: Posted Jul 19th 2009 John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (0)

A few months ago we reported on the official public launch of the stealth Gazillion Entertainment, a multi-studio developer that worked mostly on MMO games. Today the company announced that one of their various studios, Gargantuan, will be lead by David Brevik who previously was the president of Blizzard North.
General articles | Просмотров: 805 | Author: Posted Jul 21st 2009 John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (1)

The big news in games this week was all about Sam Raimi coming on board to direct the long-in-development movie version of World of Warcraft. How long has the movie version of Blizzard's hit MMO been in development, you may ask? Well it's been so long that a writer who contributed a number of drafts to the movie's screenplay has just now revealed himself.
World of Warcraft | Просмотров: 795 | Author: John Callaham | Добавил: Khazad | Дата: 27.07.2009 | Комментарии (1)

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